April is adenomyosis awareness month. One of the lesser known GYN conditions, adenomyosis, can cause severe pain and bleeding with the menstrual cycle. After attempts at conservative management with medicine and minor temporizing procedures, if the symptoms continue and a woman has completed child bearing, then hysterectomy can be an option. To date, hysterectomy is the only known cure for adenomyosis. Additional information about the disease is available in the Adenomyosis section on the CIGC website, and in this recent blog: Extremely Painful Periods: Adenomyosis Awareness Month.


At The Center for Innovative GYN Care, minimally invasive hysterectomy is performed as definitive adenomyosis treatment, and women typically recover from surgery in 1 week. The DualPortGYN technique used for hyserectomy, innovated by CIGC founders Dr. Natalya Danilyants and Dr. Paul MacKoul, is an advanced surgical technique using only 2 small incisions, allowing for a much faster recovery, with less pain. CIGC adenomyosis patients have shared their journey struggling with symptoms, and finding relief. You can read their stories here:

Kia’s Adenomyosis Pain Felt Like Being Stabbed Every Month
Tiffany D. Needed A Specialist For Multiple GYN Conditions

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