Jennifer’s Story: Finding the Right GYN Specialist for Fibroid Treatment

Jennifer’s Story: Finding the Right GYN Specialist for Fibroid Treatment

The journey to finding the right GYN specialist can be long and challenging, especially for women like Jennifer, who face delays in treatment due to misinformation or inadequate solutions from gynecologists who are not true fibroid specialists. These doctors often offer limited options, ranging from a passive “wait and see” approach to invasive surgeries with high complication rates and longer recovery times. In this blog, we highlight Jennifer’s story, which underscores the importance of being one’s own advocate and finding specialists who truly understand the complexities of fibroids and their impact on a woman’s health and quality of life.

Jennifer, a 51-year-old cabin attendant, is a world traveler whose job keeps her constantly on the move. Eight years ago, seeking to avoid her monthly periods, Jennifer decided to get an IUD. She went to see her regular gynecologist; however, the insertion process of the IUD was extremely painful, leading her to get an ultrasound to understand why. It was then she discovered she had fibroids. At the time, her gynecologist advised her to leave them alone, assuring her they would resolve on their own. For years, Jennifer experienced no symptoms until a completely separate incident—a turbulence-related back injury—led her to get an MRI, where she learned that her fibroids had grown significantly.

As time went on, Jennifer began experiencing severe bladder issues, often requiring catheterization while traveling abroad. Her regular OBGYN dismissed her concerns, denying any link between her fibroids and bladder problems, and suggested seeing a urologist. Jennifer felt that she did not have a urology issue. Feeling frustrated and seeking other opinions, she sought a fibroid specialist. However, this specialist also dismissed her concerns. Jennifer recalled that, in addition to the specialist lacking empathy in his communication, she discovered inconsistencies between what he told her and the information on his website. When it came to reviewing her MRI and offering solutions, she was disheartened to learn that he provided only two options: leave the fibroids alone or undergo major open or robotic surgery with a C-section-like incision, which would require a 12-week recovery period.

Unwilling to accept these invasive options, Jennifer continued her search for better solutions. She discovered CIGC while researching online and found a wealth of patient resources that piqued her interest. She scheduled a consultation and felt immediately validated. Dr. Mackoul, CIGC’s top specialist, reviewed her MRI and confirmed that her fibroids were indeed causing her bladder. Unlike her previous doctors, he listened and offered a minimally invasive solution: a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy using the advanced DualPortGYN technique.

DualPortGYN involves two small incisions and a powerful retroperitoneal dissection approach, including uterine artery ligation, allowing for the removal of large fibroids safely and effectively. In Jennifer’s case, her fibroids weighed a staggering 691 grams, making her uterus nine times the average size. Dr. MacKoul was able to effectively remove all of her fibroids using this advance procedure.

During our interview, Jennifer expressed feeling no anxiety going into surgery because she was confident in the expertise of the CIGC team. She shared how every question she had was addressed, making her feel assured and cared for. Post-surgery, Jennifer quickly resumed her regular activities, including exercise, and within two weeks, she was back to her adventurous life, riding quad bikes with her husband for charity. Reflecting on her experience, Jennifer said, “When others had ignored my cries for help regarding the fibroids pushing on my bladder and causing sciatic issues, Dr. Mackoul knew right away from the MRI that the fibroids were causing these issues. He did not ignore me. I understand it is about the procedure, but it’s also about having a doctor who really cares about women’s health.”

Jennifer’s story highlights the importance of being one’s own advocate, conducting thorough research, and seeking specialists who offer the most advanced and minimally invasive treatments. Her experience with CIGC showcases the efficacy of the DualPortGYN technique and the compassionate care provided by true fibroid specialists, ensuring women receive the best possible outcomes.

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