In this recent Hospital and Healthcare Management article, I explore how patients – especially those in rural areas – can benefit from seeking treatment at Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). Despite the research-proven benefits of ASCs, an overwhelming number of women continue to choose open surgery at a hospital facility with an OB/GYN who only performs surgery 25% of the time. By contrast, choosing to have surgery at an ASC with a GYN specialist that focuses 100% on surgery results in shorter operating times, shorter recovery times, and overall superior outcomes.

Patients need to be their own advocates and thoroughly research alternatives to open surgery with an obstetrics-focused and hospital-bound OB/GYN. Advanced, minimally invasive techniques such as Laparoscopic Myomectomy (LAAM) or Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (DualPortGYN) can be done in an outpatient setting using tiny incisions placed along the mid-line, resulting in fast recovery with minimal pain and scarring.

Read the full article: “ASC Expansion of GYN Surgery to Patients in Rural Areas

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